8 Key Takeaways From Wunderman Thompson’s Into the Metaverse

1. As more people spend time online, digital third spaces are becoming the new hangouts,

What do Animal Crossing, Sea of Thieves and Fortnite have in common with a coffee shop? Increasingly, they’re all places to meet and socialize


Increasingly monetization also takes place online as demonstrated by the meteoric rise of NFTs in the last year.

2. We’re replicating our routines, interests and obsessions in digital worlds


  • picking outfits for our avatars to wear…

Ripple’s Success may not Make XRP the Lucrative Investment Many Expect it to.

Ripple explicitly rejects the general rationale for the creation of cryptocurrencies. Facilitating decentralized trustless interactions between people. Instead, seeking to enhance existing financial infrastructure with its permissioned transaction network.

As opposed to most other projects which view themselves as revolutionary permissionless technologies that will upend the financial system as we…

23 Takeaways ETH 2.0: The Next Evolution of the Cryptoeconomy

Wilson Withiam and Ryan Watkins assembled a comprehensive overview of the path from ETH 1.x to ETH 2.0 in their research report ETH 2.0: The Next Evolution of the Cryptoeconomy.

Outlining in detail the phases and development milestones required to make the transition. My takeaways.

1. ETH 2.0 will transform ETH as an asset

ETH 2.0 is not just…

source: Upside Down Markets

22 Lessons Learned Upside Down Markets: Profits, Inflation and Equity Valuation in Fiscal Policy Regimes

As another round of fiscal stimulus makes its way through Congress. Jesse Livermore’s research on Fiscal Policy Regime Change may be more timely now than when it was first published by OSAM back in September.

In Upside-Down Markets: Profits, Inflation and Equity Valuation in Fiscal
Policy Regimes
. Livermore outlines why the…

Photo by Guillaume Jaillet on Unsplash

An Experiment to Give Users 100 Credits Daily to Buy Free Products From Qualified Partners

Each user who signs up for SwiftDemand receives 100 Swifts daily. A temporary referral system is in place giving early users the opportunity to earn additional Swifts by recommending SwiftDemand to others.

Once the 5 million user milestone is reached. Additional Swifts will only be created as time elapses.


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