The Magic of the Digital Realm

8 Key Takeaways From Wunderman Thompson’s Into the Metaverse

1. As more people spend time online, digital third spaces are becoming the new hangouts,

What do Animal Crossing, Sea of Thieves and Fortnite have in common with a coffee shop? Increasingly, they’re all places to meet and socialize


Increasingly monetization also takes place online as demonstrated by the meteoric rise of NFTs in the last year.

2. We’re replicating our routines, interests and obsessions in digital worlds


  • picking outfits for our avatars to wear and cars for them to drive
  • zoning digital land and constructing virtual homes


As more time is spent online, more value is accrued there. Savvy brands are experimenting with ways to connect with their customers in these new virtual environments.

3. Gaming platforms are merging social media, gameplay and entertainment

offering a first glimpse into what the metaverse could become


In many ways the metaverse has already arrived for children and the rest of us are catching up.

4. More people are switching on tech for health benefits

giving rise to a new class of “techceuticals,” fusing physical wellbeing and digital lives and encouraging proper digital hygiene in the metaverse.


As more of our lives take place in digital realms. People will come to value the health and security of their virtual selves as much as their physical ones.

5. Online habits are evolving

As stated by The Fabricant, in the digital world “people are not passive consumers, but creative agents crafting their self expression


Reinventing oneself will become part of our daily routine instead of being a life changing event.

6. Virtual venues are evolving beyond video games into destinations

setting the scene for the next era of events, socializing and networking.


Looking for proof? Check out the calendar of events going on in Decentraland.

7. XR is transforming physical spaces for a new category of blended events

built equally around digital and physical elements.


Extended reality gives traditional entertainment companies the opportunity to leverage their intellectual property to create unique experiences merging the physical and digital realms in a way virtual native worlds cannot.

8. The virtual real-estate market is heating up

signaling rising interest among users to own and develop their own slice of the metaverse-and potentially teeing up a whole new market for the purchase, development and management of virtual properties.


And it’s not just individuals taking advantage of these opportunities. Investment Funds specializing in the acquisition and management of digital real estate are bursting onto the scene as well.

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