How to Ensure You Are Prepared for the Ongoing Waves of Coronavirus Outbreaks

Take These 8 Steps Now

As the economy reopens and cases spike. It’s time to prepare for the potential of restrictions returning with cold and flu season approaching.

Adding additional strain to the medical system and an increased chance of reduced mobility from more frequent and intense viral outbreaks.

Step 1

Stock up don’t horde. Purchasing items you don’t need take them out the hands of someone who does. Increasing disruption for everyone.

Step 2

Properly supply yourself with the things you routinely need in everyday life. Like refills on medications.

The last thing you want to have to do is get your prescription filled if shelter in place restrictions return.

Step 3

If you do get sick you will probably end up needing to power through it on your own at home. Having the proper supplies to understand your symptoms and manage them is critical.

  • Two thermometers since fever is a primary symptom of Covid-19 make sure you have a back up on hand.

Step 4

Stock up on essentials to avoid unnecessary trips to the store. For example:

  • Toothpaste

Step 5

Get in the habit of stocking up and cycling through foods you like.

Here’s a checklist you can copy to help you get started.

Step 6

Before stocking up. Finally, get around to eating all the stuff in the back of the freezer and pantry. Free up space for new items and save a little cash at the same time.

Step 7

Don’t forget items you regularly get outside the home like Coffee and Tea.

Step 8

Focus on acquiring items that should last well over two weeks before you would need to eat them.


3-Month Food Storage Plan

Coronavirus Shopping List Generator

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Originally published at on August 12, 2020.