7 Lessons Learned From Past Pandemics

How we can Use Them to Protect Ourselves From Covid-19

Lesson 1 from the Spanish Flu

The Difference Social Distancing Makes

Lesson 2 from the Asian Flu

Vaccines Are Often Required to Stop Pandemics

Lesson 3 from the Hong Kong Flu

Successfully Treating Secondary Infections Can Significantly Reduce the Death Rate

Lesson 4 from SARS

Countries Hit Harder by SARS Were Better Prepared for Covid-19

Lesson 5 From MERS

Coronaviruses can be Hard to Understand. We Should not Take Treatments for Granted

Lesson 6 From the Avian Flu

The Ability of Viruses to Mutate is One of Their Biggest Threats

Lesson 7 From Ebola

Contact Tracing Can be A Valuable Part of the Toolkit for Stopping Viral Infections

  • Detect
  • Trace Contacts of Infected Individuals
  • Ensure proper safety measures are employed when interacting with potentially infected people.

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