7 Lessons for Commuting Safely During the Covid-19 Outbreak

As more and more workplaces open. Getting to and from work safely in the age of the novel coronavirus becomes a bigger concern.

Lesson 1 — Commute by Car

Lesson 2 — Practice Social Distancing

Lesson 3 — Choose the least crowded option available

But, if you live and work in an area where people are more inclined to be out and about. Which leads to large crowds on public transportation and makes it hard to practice social distancing.

Squeezing into a car with one other person may be preferable to spending time around a lot of people in a confined space.

It’s no time to get friendly. Sit in the back seat.

Lesson 4 — Wear A Mask

Lesson 5 — Carry hand sanitizer

Lesson 6 — Consider Bikes and Scooter

Sharing options may be viable if you don’t have your own. Depending on where you live.

You need to plan ahead if you want to take advantage of them though. By making sure you have a way to disinfect the seats, handlebars, and other surfaces you would potentially come in contact with.

Wipes are probably the easiest most portable way to sanitize if you can find them.

Consider wearing pants too, even if it’s hot out. To minimize potential contact points for virus transmission.

Lesson 7 — Walk

Click here for more resources on safely coexisting with the novel coronavirus.

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Originally published at https://stevenlmiller.me on June 29, 2020.



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