11 Lessons For Cryptoasset Investors from Zero to One

1. Look for Projects with Fresh Ideas

2. There is no Formula

3. Identify a Contrarian Truth

  1. Identify Cryptoasset projects other Cryptoasset investors think won’t succeed.
  2. Understand why they think they will not succeed
  3. Decide if this logic is valid

4. By Understanding what Everyone Agrees On

5. Sales matter just as much as the product.

6. Last Mover advantage

7. The history of progress is a history of better monopoly businesses replacing incumbents.

  1. How is the centralized incumbent offering deficient?
  2. Why is a decentralized network the right solution?

8. Characteristics of Monopolies

9. Sequencing markets correctly is underrated

10. Great companies have secrets

11. Was the project launch successful?

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Steven L. Miller

Steven L. Miller


Helping investors hack through the weeds to find the crypto gems at cryptojungle.io. Musings at stevenlmiller.me